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This is an offline kit designed to give you a portable gym platform to use outside of your gym at events or demonstrations.

One thing our current gyms have found a lot of success with is showcasing the Impact Wrap technology at events in order to recruit new members.

We’ve had gyms that normally get 20-30 signups at events they’ve attended for years, now get over 250 leads with names, phone numbers, and email addresses by using the Impact Wrap platform in a smart way.

Typically a martial arts school only has kata, boarding breaking or pad work to get people’s attention. Even fitness kickboxing/boxing gyms can setup at a booth and try to get new members by either having people hit a bag or simply just talking with the new recruits. Frankly, that gets old quickly.

However, with Impact Wrap, your booth instantly becomes a unique and memorable experience. Our Event Demonstration Kit includes all the Impact Wrap technology you need to offer fun competitions that will drive many, many leads.

Kit includes:

  • 1 or 2 Impact Wraps for Wavemaster or Hanging Bags
  • 1 Bag Server
  • 1 TV Server
  • 1 Router
  • HDMI and Ethernet Cable

You’ll need to make sure you have your own bags, TV (1080p or better), and stands. We an offer you recommendations on what to buy should you have any questions. It does not work with the companion apps or private webpage.

With your purchase, we’ll provide a reference guide that gives you lots of ideas how to make your next event fun, exciting, and a lead generation machine.

For a free quote, please reach out to: gyms@impactwrap.com.