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Impact Gym is the result of thousands of hours of testing, user feedback, and crafted by years of martial arts and fitness experience.

The platform is designed to motivate and retain your members by gamifying one of the most popular forms of exercise: striking a heavy bag. It’s also an amazing tool to help recruit new members.

Our gym platform uses Impact Wrap as the foundation of what’s basically a computer network. It’s easy to use and will take your gym to the next level.

Kids, teens, and adults immediately get competitive, regardless of gender, to push themselves like never before.

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  • State-of-the-art Technology

  • Flexible, Modular System

  • Clean, Professional Design

  • Easy for Staff & Members Use

  • World-Class Support


  • Cardio Kickboxing/Boxing

  • Circuit Training

  • Line Drills

  • Self-Defense

  • Rank and Progress Testing

Perfect For

  • Kids

  • Teens

  • Adults

  • Seniors

  • Gym Owners



The Impact Wraps are at the heart of this state-of-the-art platform. The sensor uses a strap and strategically placed Velcro to keep the sensor tight to the bag. For hanging bags, it goes at the top of the bag and for standalone bags, like the Century Wavemaster, it goes around the base. You shouldn’t hit the sensor since it is out of the strike zone.

A slide switch turns on the sensor which runs off of two AA batteries. Battery life is shown in the Admin screen so you’ll never have a sensor stop in the middle of class. Depending on usage, batteries can last up to a month or even longer. We recommend rechargeable batteries to keep long term costs down and be a bit friendlier to the environment.

Our sensor captures the acceleration of the bag, that is if you accelerate the bag fast it means that you hit it hard and you receive more points than if you hit it lightly. Our FAQ breaks down more information on how and what we measure.


Live scores during classes can be shown on a 1080p TV/monitor (not included). This is a responsive screen so whether you have 6 bags or 30 bags, you can show all the member’s scores in a neat and orderly fashion. If you have over 30 bags, you’ll need another 1080p TV/monitor, and you’ll be able to select which bags should be shown on which screen.

Usernames are shown for each bag, with Gold, Silver and Bronze colors dynamically change to show who is in first, second and third place. At the end of the workout, a final leaderboard screen shows the bags or usernames in ranked order.

We also have an optional Privacy Setting for those not wishing to have their scores publically shown. This is enabled either through the optional companion app or through the Admin screen that the gym staff can access.

There is an optional Level Playing Field setting that normalizes the differences between genders.

Finally, the leaderboard can be shown on any device that can display a webpage in your gym. You access the leaderboard at the receptionist desk or multiple monitors throughout your gym. Some owners have it displayed prominently at the entrance as a great conversation starter for new members coming in.



The Bag Server connects up to 8 Impact Wraps at a time. If you have 6 bags in your gym, you would need 1 Bag Server. If you have 12 bags, you would need 2 Bag Servers. 40 bags would have 5 Bag Servers, and so on. You can have as many bags as you’d like and we would just keep adding on Bag Servers. It’s a very flexible, modular system.

Each Bag Server needs to be within 30 feet of the bags they connect too, plus need a physical ethernet cable connection to your gym’s router. They can be mounted in a variety of ways but we need to make sure there aren’t obstacles in the way between the Bag Servers and the Impact Wraps they control. They run off of an AC adapter so there needs to be an outlet near by.



The TV Server is an optional device and only needed when you don’t have a smart TV that can display a webpage. For any normal 1080p TV/monitor, the TV Server connects to it via an HDMI cable (not included) to show the leaderboard. If you have multiple monitors, you could use an HMDI splitter (not included) to display on any number of screens, or you simply purchase another TV Server for each TV/monitor you want to show the leaderboard.

It is powered by an AC adapter so it needs to have an electrical outlet nearby. The TV Server connects to your network via WiFi.



The optional Android and iOS apps provide your members history and details of their workout. Without them, after each workout, their points are no longer available. There is a summary history of all workouts plus members can tap into each one to get details such as ranks, hardest strike, and more.

Members can also reserve bags directly from the app. When they come for class, they’ll see all available bags and can select which one they’d like. No one else can reserve it once they claim their bag.

The app will have your logo and gym’s colors, and you’ll have your own app in the App Stores to elevate your brand that much more. Plus, gym owners can send push notifications to announce events, specials or even challenges to drive engagement and class participation. We have many more features coming out soon for the companion apps that will help you drive motivation and retention of all your members.

The Android app is available now and the iOS app is estimated to come out by end of October, 2017.


For every gym, we will include a private webpage so the members of your gym that want to keep their scores private can easily access them. While competition is fierce in many schools, some of your members maybe shy about displaying their points. This gives those members a chance to still compete against themselves or simply use the numbers to see how they are progressing over time.

To set a score to be private, the gym staff or the user can set it for that mode in the optional companion app. The bag will appear on the leaderboard but no username or score will be displayed. After the workout, the points and details on the workout, like strike count and average points per hit will be available on the private webpage. This webpage is accessible from any smartphone, tablet or PC and will have your gym’s logo and colors.



Gym staff will have access to the non-public Admin area of the gym platform. In this area, you can add users, create workouts, start/stop workouts, set privacy settings, check battery life for each bag, assign users to bags, and even add new bags to the platform as your gym grows.

It’s a responsive webpage, meaning you don’t have to download any apps and it works on any type of device. We have gym staff using their smartphones or dedicated tablet, like an iPad, to start/stop the workouts so they can be on the floor with the members. Many gyms run multiple workouts in a given class, especially for circuit training or line drills and this keeps the class flow going.



As part of the purchase of the Impact Gym platform, email support and maintenance (bug fixes and non-premium updates) are included at no additional cost.



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We’ve designed the entire system to be easy to use and work within the flow of your classes.

Staff simply turn on the Impact Wraps in the morning and the bags are ready to go. If you have a break between morning and evening classes, we recommend that you turn off the sensors to save battery life.

As class is about to begin, staff can decide whether to assign users to the bags or simply leave them as-is. If you’re assigning folks to bags, it’s a simple couple of clicks and you’re ready to go. Even if someone is late to class, they can always be assigned to a bag later to receive all their points and data.

Starting and stopping classes or workouts is done through any device (smartphone, tablet, PC) connected to the gym’s network. No app to download – it all just works through the Chrome browser.


Your members have it easy. Nothing to put on their bodies or worry about batteries dying.

They simply come in and either reserve a bag through the app, have staff assign them to a bag or simply forgo those steps and just start hitting the bag.

Our flexible system works with just about anyone. Optional Privacy Settings keep scores from public view or members can put everything out there in live competition.

Optional companion apps will show workout details seconds after the workout ends. Or, your members can log into an included private webpage.


Get the Most From Your Investment

Learn how to drive retention, motivation and new members with our complete Activation Program. This complete package is aimed at anyone new to the platform that’s looking to drive more revenue and excitement in their gyms. A one-time fee will get you access to cutting edge techniques shown on video, reference guides along with ways to use advertising to bring in lapsed members. Impact Gym is an investment not an expense and these tools will take you to a whole new level.


  • Outside demonstrations

  • Open houses & birthday parties

  • Parent’s night

  • Charity/fundraising events

  • Onboarding new students

In Class

  • Unique line drills

  • Circuit training ideas

  • Gamification challenges

  • Self-defense training

  • Lots of line drills exercises


  • Reaching lapsed members

  • Using Facebook advertising

  • Google AdWord techniques

  • Pre-made advertising assets

  • Marketing material and ideas

$199 (limited time)

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