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Impact Wrap is like a real-life videogame on a heavy bag.

We use a patent-pending sensor secured outside of the striking area on either the top of a hanging bag or at the base of a freestyle bag. This makes your whole bag “smart”.

You can hit with hands, feet, elbows, shins or any other part of your body. For each strike, you get points based on how hard you’ve hit. Hit harder and receive more points. Points accumulate so you can establish personal benchmarks for improvement or compete against others.

We are measuring intensity along with strike count in a fun, unique way.


Impact Wrap can be used on most types of bags. From hanging bags to standalone bags, the sensor uses a strap and strategically placed Velcro to hold the sensor tight against the bag. 

For hanging bags, we recommend 100 lbs (45 kgs) or heavier with the sensor near the top and out of the strike zone. 

For standalone bags, like the Century Wavemaster, we recommend placing the sensor on the base and making sure the bag’s base is completely filled with water.


“This is just badass! I’ve seen every student – from kids to adults – immediately get more motivated and work harder than ever before”
– Dave Pantano, owner of Premier Martial Arts

“I’m a really competitive person and be able to compete with everyone makes it awesome. This is great!”
– Mary, martial arts practitioner for 13 years

“To know how hard you are hitting, it’s going to push you to the next level. You want to beat your own score or the guy next to you.”
– Marcus, kickboxer and fitness enthusiast

“Impact Wrap is incredible. It’s the future of martial arts and fitness. The kids and adults were pushing themselves like never before.”
– Julian Vega, martial arts instructor