Hear from owners, coaches, staff, and members.


Hear from owners, coaches, staff, and members.


STRIKE Fitness

We installed impact wraps last summer when we rebranded – Dan did an amazing job with the install and explaining how to get started. Our members love the added technology to our boxing & kickboxing classes. Well worth the price! Great customer service too!

Philip Perrin

I use Impact Wrap at my local kickboxing studio in Denver. Impact Wrap has helped me to stay motivated both during the workouts and between them. I am always challenging myself to do better – strike faster & hit harder. Impact Wrap has helped me achieve my fitness goals and keeps me coming back for more.

Total Fitness Kickboxing

Dan and his team are great to work with! The intial install was very helpful in understanding the product and how it can benefit our business moving forward. Members are excited to see their scores at the end of class. I look forward to the “Impact” it has on retention rates. Pun intended.

Mark Aaron

Over the course of my career in the boxing/ fitness industry, Impact Wrap is easily one of the greatest tools I’ve used for my clients and classes.

The technology is easy to use and keeps members motivated and engaged. Any coach or class instructor knows the struggle, and impact wrap revitalizes the entire system to diminish poor engagement and increase retention rates among members.

If you’re thinking about using Impact Wrap, reach out to the company and you will find that their customer service is unmatched. You will work one-on-one with them to properly install the equipment and go over tactics to drive engagement such as new class format ideas, event nights, and the user experience.

Overall, a solid performance by the team and equipment. I would highly recommend for all gyms and clubs that participate in combat based sports.

Rookies Fitboxing

28 bags with Impact Wrap installed since 2019. We were able to install it remotely from Europe with Dan’s help. Our customers love it and so do we. I strongly recommend it to any boxing or fitness club who want to upgrade their classes with a new and fun proposal.

Driven to Train

Impact Wrap is an awesome product that has added tremendous value to our program. Our members LOVE the experience they get from Impact Wrap both on the mat, and with the app. The owner is a great guy with top notch customer service and support. As a martial arts and fitness studio owner I highly recommend, as would any of my clients!

Ashley Miller

Impact wraps have been a wonderful addition to our cardio kickboxing program. Our families love that they can track their own personal growth and improvement over the course of their journey. It really is such a unique idea and Dan is phenomenal about helping you get it all set up. He is responsive with questions and concerns, and periodically checks in on you and your team/gym even when there isn’t concerns. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this program. Highly recommended.

Title Boxing Club

Impact Wrap completely transformed my workout experience for the better. We’ve all heard the saying, “What gets measured gets done.”, and this very much applies to fitness. The continuous feedback of progress and results that Impact Wrap provides in both real time tracking and through history in the app keeps me motivated and set higher goals to achieve.

Dan Dixon

Best product and system that you can get for your students. I made my money back in 2 months. My students love this system. They would never go back to punching a regular bag again.
Dan and the team at Impact Wrap are very responsive to every question I have and get back to me right away! They are the best! I can’t say enough!

Rey del Barrio Fitboxing

Impact wrap has been the best investment! It has totally changed the way we exercise, making it fun, stimulating and taking competition to another level!

Karate John’s Karate and Kickboxing

We have been with Impact wrap for over 3 years. It is so much fun for our members!! We have grown as a company and use the platform to engage our members. Bravo Impact Wrap!! -Karate John, owner of Karate John’s Karate and Kickboxing 🥊

Extreme Fitness Personal Training

Absolutely game changing technology for our gym that already has 11 “Best of Bucks” awards. The system paid for itself in less than 6 months and has turned our boxing/kickboxing programs into addictions to our existing community and grew beyond all our expectations. If you are a business owner of a martial arts, MMA, boxing or kickboxing school…BUY THIS SYSTEM!!!

Robin Munoz

Impact Wrap has changed the game in the Club. It’s super exciting to have a way to measure progress!

Oscar De La Parra

The BEST thing I did to improve my clients performance! THEY LOVE IT!!!


Impact Wrap has been a huge game changer for our business in the last 2 years and has helped us survive the damage suffered during the Covid lockdowns. After teaching boxing and kickboxing for almost 20 years, finding and retaining new clients has always been a challenge with so much competition in the area, but with the unique variety that Impact Wrap offers, we now have waiting list for our classes. Dan and his team are very involved in their product and offer top quality customer service. Definitely worth every cent!

Keyva Williams

This app is great. I use it in my kickboxing class. It captures the punch impact on the bag when I throw punches. It also allows all the users to see their rankings and points. The gym I am in displays the impact of each user who logs into the impact app. It shows top ranking of the user on TV monitors and in the app. Awesome if you are a competitor. You can shine all the time.

SIN Fitness

Impact Wrap was a game changer for our kickboxing classes. We’ve been using it for over a year now, and our instructors are still having fun creating new types of class formats to keep our members engaged… and they love it! After each class when they receive their performance breakdown, they can see their improvements, and nothing is more motivating than real data driven progress! Great support, and an easy on boarding process.

Beast Boxing Myrtle Beach

Can’t say enough great things about Dan Fradin and Impact Wrap system. Dan went above and beyond for us from our fist inquiry forward. He and his team are always available and responsive. Since adding Impact Wrap in our gym, our class sizes and memberships have increased and our members are enjoying being able to see their progress from each session. It is an invaluable asset to my business and I would recommend Dan and his product to any gym owner.

Sylmarie Nunez-Luna

Impact Wrap has been a huge game changer for me. As someone who loves to work out and regularly does martial arts, this system has been an incredible way to track my progress, and actually monitor my impact.

It’s an amazing reward system to know how hard you’re going on that heavy bag and keep yourself motivated whether you’re using it at home or at the gym. I highly recommend!

Sweet Fitness Kickboxing

Impact Wrap is THE BEST investment I’ve made since opening my gym. Hands down. Members LOVE it. We have over 400 members (nearly 600 when we installed it before March 2020) and we get 3-10 Instagram shares every day. Literally thousands of people are learning about our gym because members share their scores so often.

The owner Dan is maybe the most attentive business owner I’ve ever met. We have really bad internet (Comcast) here that was causing problems and Dan answered every single one of my calls and taught me exactly how to fix the issues Comcast was causing, even though it wasn’t a problem with Impact Wrap and he could have easily just told me to call Comcast.

Dan flew out and installed the entire system, trained all of my staff, and even came back the next morning at 5AM to make sure it worked for our morning class!

Impact Wrap has brought us in a ton of new members and has gotten our current members addicted to improving their scores and sticking around way long!

If you are thinking of installing Impact Wrap, don’t think, just do! One of the best investments you can make for your gym, and Dan will never leave you hanging. Great guy and great company. 💪💪💪

Sasha Martino

Since meeting Dan years ago at David Pantano’s Premier Martial Arts, I was intrigued and impressed with this new technology he was installing on our bags.

For our dojo, Impact Wrap not only assisted us in checking out our stats, it also made for healthy and fun competition between us and our peers. From adults to children of all ages and ranks, Impact Wrap has been one of my favorite parts of our classes

101 Boxing Club

One of the best investments I’ve made in my independently owned boxing gym. Leaderboard adds energy in class that keeps members motivated to keep coming back. App tracking workouts keeps them accountable.Dan and his team also give us fast customer support whenever we ask for it. Super happy with my purchase.

Stephanie DiCindio

Impact Wrap has been an incredible addition to the clubs I have worked in (having over 40 heavy bags in each). Members love watching their progress, and it becomes an easy way to make a goal for that training session! Highly recommend!!!

Fred S.

Absolute game changer! Love this product, and love this company!

Jason Watson

We use the IMPACT WRAP product in our FightFit boxing program and it is FANTASTIC! Our members absolutely love the ability to track their progress and it makes for a fun and exciting class.

Emerge Training Center

Coach Lou, here. I have been punching and kicking heavy bags for 35 years, and this is the best thing I have ever purchased for my business. It’s also brought my training to another level.

Martial Arts America Greendale

Amazing cutting edge product with equally amazing customer service! Our members love Impact Wrap.

Case Study: From Red to Black

This TITLE Boxing Club was struggling for several years before installing Impact Wrap. With only the addition of our platform and fully adopting technology, they went from in the red to profitability through increased member retention and more sign-ups. Beware: Impact Wrap is a tool. It’s not magic. However, it will be the most effective tool you’ve ever implemented if you follow our lead. We have the training and materials to set your studio up for success just like with TBC and so many other gyms around the world.

Testimonials: Owners, Trainers, Members

We’re now celebrating 7 years with gyms. Here’s just a sample of the happy folks around the world.

Smiling Happy Members (SMH)

Every gym owner wants Smiling Happy Members who keep coming back. It’s all about the member experience, and our platform provides a workout experience like no other! SMH is the new KPI!


Experience matters. We’ve been in gyms worldwide and seen what works and what doesn’t. Our platform, tools, and resources continue to evolve and innovate, helping small businesses retain members like never before.



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  • One-time $399 Platform Setup Fee + shipping and handling
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  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – don’t like us? Send the hardware back for a refund minus shipping.
  • All Impact Bag Servers and Trackers included
  • All software updates and maintenance included
  • Lifetime replacement on all hardware with active All-In Membership
  • USA & Canada only, all other countries please email

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